Professional Development

Turning Point is able to provide fee for service training in a range of areas including; Introduction to dealing with Alcohol and Drug issues (for secondary schools, tertiary institutions, workplaces and allied health professionals), Assessment, Treatment and Referral for AOD problems, Young People and AOD issues, Pharmacotherapy, Dual Diagnosis and Mental Health Assessment and Treatment for AOD clinicians, Understanding and treating Methamphetamine users and other topics by negotiation.

In addition to fee for service training, Turning Point is also delivering a Training Calendar, with workshops scheduled throughout the year and advertised below. These workshops are available to the AOD sector, other allied health professionals and/or community groups. The workshops will run from Turning Point’s training room in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Our training staff have extensive clinical and training experience.

Please contact Naomi Crafti at for more information about any of Turning Point’s professional development programs.

Training Calendar

August – November 2014

Turning Point is offering four training workshops across the second half of 2014. The topics include Cultural Awareness and understanding of mental health from an Aboriginal Perspective, Alcohol and Other Drug and problem gambling comorbidity, Mindful Eating and a session for health professionals on how to understand and respond to Alcohol and Other Drug issues.

Further details of the workshops and trainers can be found below. Please click here to download the expression of interest form.

  • Friday 22nd August 2014

    Participants learn about Aboriginal cultural norms, history, social and emotional wellbeing models, cultural bound experiences, communication and engagement styles, understanding and working with symptoms of anxiety, depression and suicide from an Aboriginal perspective.

    The workshop provides information, resources and strategies for working with Aboriginal people within a southern context. We explore ways of doing things “differently” from an organizational position that is culturally inclusive and appropriate. Our aim is to increase engagement and communication between non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal people and their communities.

    Trainer: Janine Cattanach 

    Janine Cattanach is a Marrithiyel woman traditionally from Woodycupildiya in the Northern Territory, now based in Geelong Victoria and operating The Cultural Consultancy Group. Janine worked at Barwon Health Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Services for four years as the Aboriginal mental health worker and understands the core cultural issues experienced at both an organisational and community level. Her workshops provide information, strategies and resources specifically for working with Aboriginal people, in addition to exploring ways of doing things “differently” from an organisational position that is culturally inclusive and appropriate. Janine has a Bachelor of Social Work though the Institute of Koorie Education, Deakin University and is currently completing a Masters of Social Work.

    T: 0430 418 823

    Expression of Interest Forms can be completed by downloading the PDF file below.

  • Friday 29th August 2014

    This workshop will provide an overview of how gambling problems develop, gambling and comorbidity, what the Victorian treatment sector looks like and discuss distance based treatment modalities.

    • How people develop gambling problems
    • Gambling and comorbidity
    • A Turning Point perspective on the gambling services treatment sector in Victoria
    • Emphasis on distance-based treatment modalities including online, chat, forums and telephone

    Trainer: Judy Abbott, Senior Gambling Counsellor, Turning Point

    Judy has worked in telephone, online and face to face gambling counselling since 1995. Judy has a background in Social Work within the community health sector and began counseling work during the initial intake of workers for the newly developing (Break Even) Gambler’s Help Services. Her role entailed community education and she worked closely with industry on the development of training for gaming venue staff as well as with community agencies around awareness of the risks of social gambling. In 2006, in partnership with industry she developed the Gambler’s Help Self Exclusion Support Program.

  • Friday 24th October 2014

    This workshop covers the principles of mindfulness and describes Mindful Eating, its application and practice. Participants will learn about recent literature, practical strategies and be presented with case studies.

    Workshop Overview:

    • Principles of Mindfulness
    • What is Mindful Eating?
    • A review of the literature
    • Applications and practice of Mindful Eating.
    • Keeping a mindful journal
    • Mindful Shopping and Preparation
    • Mindful Urge Control
    • Mindfulness and Health at Every Size
    • Mindless Eating Relapse Prevention
    • Case Study

    ...and plenty of mindful eating experiences.

    Trainer: Dr Naomi Crafti, Strategic Lead, Workforce Development, Turning Point.

    Naomi is a Senior Research/Education Fellow in Workforce Development at Turning Point, Alcohol and Drug Centre. She started at Turning Point in 2012 following 15 years experience in Tertiary Education at Swinburne University and several years in Community Education at Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV). At Eating Disorders Victoria Naomi developed and facilitated workshops on; Mindful Eating, A ‘Whole School’ Approach to Promoting Positive Body Image and Healthy Eating and Health at Every Size (HAES®). At Turning Point Naomi is translating her research and education experience into the field of addiction, including mindfulness for gambling and other addictive behaviours.

  • Monday 17th November 2014

    The one day seminar is designed for health professionals including those in private practice on understanding and responding to alcohol and other drug (AOD) issues in clinical work.

    Research suggests that problematic substance use often goes unreported or is minimised by clients and this can have an adverse impact on treatment. Do you routinely screen for substance use in your work with clients and how do you determine if their use is problematic? What specialist services are available in the community and how do you refer clients?

    This workshop will cover:

    • An overview of alcohol and commonly used drugs, their effects and harms
    • Standard alcohol and other drug screening and assessment tools
    • Alcohol and other drug use and mental health
    • Current alcohol and other drug services

    Facilitators: Jean Popomilkov and Margret Petrie are two senior psychologists employed at Clinical Services, Turning Point Eastern Health.

    Margret is a registered psychologist and a member of the APS College of Counselling Psychologists. She has over 20 years of counselling experience, having worked across a range of health and education settings including community health and private practice. Over the past decade, Margret has worked in the AOD sector and her areas of interest include responding to methamphetamine and other stimulant use, ACT and mindfulness-based interventions.

    Jean Popomilkov is a registered psychologist and a member of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists. She has over 14 years clinical experience in Adult Mental Health and AOD and has worked in a range of settings including acute, community and private practice. In the AOD sector, Jean has worked primarily with clients with dual diagnosis and axis II disorders.