Counselling online builds stronger connections

Posted on: Wednesday, 08 June 2016

Turning Point’s national drug and alcohol support program Counselling Online has extended its internet presence and broadened community reach with the launch of Facebook and Twitter pages.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Turning Point’s Counselling Online program provides professional help and information to those with alcohol and drug issues over the internet.

Turning Point Director Prof Dan Lubman said that developing a strong social media presence was important for promoting the service to those in need, so that they can get help quickly.

“People living with alcohol and drug issues often feel isolated and alone, and may be unsure when and where they can seek help,” he said.

“Social media has become a hugely popular platform for users to stay updated and informed. Facebook and Twitter are just two avenues through which we can build a strong online recovery community and connect with people who may need our help,” Prof Lubman said.

Prof Lubman emphasises that Counselling Online is not only available for people living with alcohol and drug issues, but also family and friends who may be seeking information, advice, support or comfort.

“Helping someone with significant alcohol and drug problems can be extremely difficult for family and friends, so it is important that we raise awareness of the Counselling Online service and the support it provides.”

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