Forum: Drinking Behaviours Among Young People

Posted on: Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Date/Time:  Friday 11 October 2013, 9.00am to 1.00pm (Please arrive at 8.45am to ensure a 9.00am start)
Venue:  VicHealth Seminar Room, 15-31 Pelham St, Carlton 3053
RSVP:  By Friday 4 October 2013. To reserve your place, please email:

This forum will present recent research findings on key issues and provide an opportunity to discuss local responses to these issues, what the problems on the ground are and how they might be mediated.

This information is particularly valuable in the lead up to summer and the festive season, to be informed about these issues and start thinking about how to reduce alcohol-related harms in your area.

If you are an urban planner, local government, emergency service provider or health promotion practitioner interested in reducing alcohol-related harms, this is for you.


Social occasions and young people - exploring the context for young people's alcohol consumption in the lead up to public holidays
Dr Belinda Lloyd
Program Leader, Population Health Research
Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre, Eastern Health

Young people from Melbourne talk about intoxication and violence in the night time economy
Dr Sarah MacLean
Senior Research Fellow in Alcohol and Drug Studies
Centre for Health and Society, University of Melbourne

Patron Offending and Intoxication in Night Time Entertainment Districts (POINTED)
Associate Professor Peter Miller
Principal Research Fellow, School of Psychology
Deakin University

Panel discussion including representatives from the Department of Health, Victoria Police and local government.