Enjoy the music but know the risks

Posted on: Tuesday, 20 December 2011

With the summer music festival season upon us, experts at Eastern Health’s Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre are encouraging music lovers to ensure they know the risks of drug use.

Turning Point’s Head of Clinical Services Dr Matthew Frei said music festivals were social events where alcohol and other drugs may be used.

“With all substance use, the priority is to ensure people are informed about the risks if they do choose to use them,” Dr Frei said.

“People need to be cautious because the composition of some drugs may be unclear and the effects can vary.”

Dr Frei said combining alcohol with other drugs could create further uncertainty about the harm they caused.

In addition to acute mental and physical health harms, he said substance use could lead to increased risk-taking behaviour, making people more vulnerable to injuries, assaults and accidents.

“Music festivals are a great time for people to enjoy the summer weather and have fun but it is also important people look after themselves and their mates.”

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If you would like to arrange an interview with Dr Matthew Frei, please contact Winston Tan from Eastern Health Communications on 0407 785 706.