Global experts converge on alcohol symposium

Posted on: Wednesday, 01 June 2011

Researchers at Eastern Health’s Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre joined colleagues from around the world as part of an international conference on alcohol research.

Co-hosted by Turning Point and the Burnet Institute, the Kettil Bruun Society’s 37th Annual Alcohol Epidemiology Symposium, covered a range of issues including the consequences of drinking, drinking practices, and the social and institutional responses to drinking-related harms.

More than 200 people attended the conference in April.

Among Turning Point’s researchers who presented papers was Morgan Schollterlein, who investigated the impact alcohol misuse has on family and friends.

“The family and friends of drinkers are affected in a range of ways, and their experiences should be considered as important secondary effects of alcohol consumption,” Ms Schlotterlein said.

“Many are faced with the problem every day, having constant confrontations with the drinker, feeling threatened by their behaviour or always feeling upset. For others, these challenges may not be present every day, but worry and anxiety can be.”

Other presenters included Sharon Matthews on drinking trends among baby boomers, and Dr Barbara Hunter, who discussed the best way to provide care for older people who need treatment due to alcohol and drug misuse.