Ice education for families continues

Posted on: Wednesday, 08 February 2017

An education program to support families affected by ice is continuing across Victoria in 2017.

Breakthrough: ice education for families will cover key issues including how to identify if family members are using ice; how to seek treatment and how families can support these decisions; and the relationship between drug use and mental health.

The program has been developed by Turning Point, Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC) and the Bouverie Centre, and is supported by the State Government through its Ice Action Plan. Commencing late last year, more workshops are set to be held across Victoria in the coming months.

Turning Point Director Prof Dan Lubman said the program was a great opportunity for three major state-wide services to work collaboratively to reduce the harms associated with ice use in our community.

“This program aims to provide an insight into what ice is, how it affects people and how to support family members into treatment. We will also provide people with practical approaches in caring for themselves, and other family members.”

Upcoming workshops in the coming months include:

9th and 16th February 2017

15th February 2017

Dromana 16th February 2017

Wycheproof 21st February 2017

Rochester 22nd February 2017

Fitzroy  22nd February 2017 

Blackburn South  22nd February & 1st March 2017 

Rye  23rd February 2017 

Crib Point 1st & 8th March 2017 

Mornington 9th March 2017

Fitzroy  9th March 2017 

The workshops are free, but bookings are essential.

Click here for further details or to book your place.