Ice education for families

Posted on: Saturday, 01 October 2016

Turning Point, SHARC and the Bouverie Centre are pleased to offer BreakThrough: Ice education for families. Funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, BreakThrough helps families identify if loved ones are using ice and their patterns of drug use. We also provide practical strategies about talking to loved ones about their drug use, managing challenging behaviours and recognising the need to look after yourself. Information on where to access additional help and support is discussed.

The BreakThrough program covers three topics:



What is ice? Why do people use it and why does it cause problems for them, their families and the broader community? BreakThrough explains the effects ice has on the brain and the relationship between drug use and mental health. We also explore the  process by which people decide to seek help for their drug use and how families can support these decisions.


BreakThrough isn’t just about ice. We provide practical strategies to help family members discuss drug use, set boundaries, develop safety plans and work on self-care. Managing challenging behaviours and keeping family members safe and functioning during difficult times is also discussed.


BreakThrough provides families with the skills and knowledge to navigate the drug treatment system and obtain the best possible outcomes for loved ones. We explore some of the barriers to seeking help and how to overcome these. All participants will be given information about ongoing support activities.

To register to attend a BreakThrough session, click here.

For immediate 24 hour/7 day a week support contact:

1800 ICE ADVICE1800 423 238
Family Drug Helpline: 1300 660 068