Master of Addictive Behaviours

Posted on: Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Turning Point/Monash Master of Addictive Behaviours

An online post-graduate degree in the science, policy, prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug misuse, gambling and other process addictions

Applications Now Open for 2016 Entry

Closing date for first-round entry: 27 November 2015  - Apply Here

Alcohol and drug use and gambling are highly prevalent amongst the population, yet are associated with significant harms. A comprehensive response to such harms encompasses evidence-based policy, population, community and individual targeted approaches that draw on a range of disciplines and expertise. It is in this context that Monash University’s Master of Addictive Behaviours, offered through Turning Point, provides a thorough exploration of the area and the latest thinking from leading international researchers in the areas of neuroscience, prevention, policy, population health and treatment of alcohol and drug misuse, gambling and other process addictions

The Masters course is open to graduates and professionals from a range of disciplines and perspectives, including health professionals, researchers and policy-makers, as well as professionals within the human resources, justice or education sectors. The Masters aims to provide both the theoretical and practical knowledge of current perspectives and advances in the field of addiction and its relationship to other associated disciplines including nursing, social work, medicine, psychology and the law.

Students will have a unique opportunity to engage with the world’s leading clinicians, researchers and policy makers in the addiction field, with over 30 key experts from both Australia and overseas. The Masters course covers a range of key contemporary topics related to alcohol, drugs, gambling and their related harms, including; the biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to addictive behaviours, and how these behaviours impact on individuals, families, communities and social systems; the development, implementation and evaluation of national and international policies; the range of evidence-based prevention and treatment approaches, including recovery and aftercare and their applicability to specific populations (e.g. comorbid mental health) and how to apply these in the workplace. Students may also choose to design and undertake a minor thesis within the optional research stream.

This post-graduate course is delivered entirely online with a strong interactive and dynamic focus. There is no requirement to attend classes or examinations at the university so the course is ideally suited to those who wish to study whilst continuing their regular work commitments.

The Master in Addictive Behaviours will provide students with an exciting and innovative forum for academic development and professional growth as well as a satisfying educational experience.

Applicants must have a bachelor degree in a relevant discipline as well as an honours year or equivalent and must apply through Monash University. The Masters Award is received from Monash University.

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