National Drug and Alcohol Mapping Project (NDAMP)

Posted on: Thursday, 14 February 2013

Monash University together with Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre are collaborating on a national mapping project to improve navigation of available drug and alcohol services in Australia.

The aim/purpose of the project
The aim of this project is to map drug and alcohol services throughout Australia. Services will be mapped in accordance with factors such as geographical location, referral pathways and treatment services offered. This information will be collected and stored by Monash University on a protected database.

A website and Smartphone Application will then be created which allow carers, consumers and clinicians to locate drug and alcohol services on the database based on the search terms they have entered. This tool is seen as an essential adjunct to current service directories as it is a national database, it focuses exclusively on drug and alcohol issues and it will be created with a focus on key stakeholders including carers, consumers and clinicians. It is hoped that providing the information within your questionnaire will facilitate the decision making process for consumers and referrals for healthcare providers, acting as a bridge through what is currently viewed as a fragmented service sector.

This project is being funded by the Department of Health. Strict criteria will apply for inclusion within this database, including an emphasis on evidence-based treatments.
Possible benefits
While agencies are under no obligation to provide information, it is seen as advantageous for the carers and consumers. The data included in the website will expedite the referral process and help consumers to weigh up their initial treatment pathways. Moreover, services will have the opportunity to be represented on a National website without any fee or charge, should they provide evidence based treatments and/or education recognised within our project brief.

What does the project involve?  
The project involves the completion of a brief questionnaire by identified agencies. Should agencies prefer to provide your details via phone, they can contact the chief investigator to arrange a time.

New website address 

Please contact Dr Paul Jennings for more information:
Ph:  +61 3 990 44264
Fax: +61 3 9903 0556