Professional Development Training for 2018

Posted on: Friday, 22 December 2017

Training will be at Turning Point's new premises 110 Church Street, Richmond

This series of Professional Development Workshops is hosted by Turning Point and designed to be of interest primarily to those working in the AOD sector. However, interested professionals from outside the AOD sector are welcome to attend. The presenters are mostly external to Turning Point and there is a fee to register.*

Click on the workshop title for details of workshop and how to register.

Workshop # 01 - Thursday 15th March 2018
Problem gambling for alcohol & other drug clinicians
Presenter: Dr Jane Oakes

Workshop # 02 - Friday 27th April 2018

Identifying & Responding to Family Violence
Presenters: Sheridon Byrne and Scott Mills

Workshop # 03 - Monday 14th May 2018
Cultural appreciation: Working with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander clients and families
Presenter: AJ Williams-Tchen

Workshop # 04 - Tuesday 12th June 2018 LGBTIQ

AOD Cultural Competency Training
Presenter: Jeremy Wiggins

Workshop # 05 - Wednesday 18th July 2018
Everyday practical recommendations for working with cognitively impaired AOD clients
Presenters: James Gooden and Catherine Cox

Workshop # 06 - Thursday 9th August 2018
Insights into the treatment of suicidal persons: Recent developments in research and clinical practice.
Presenter: Dr Katrina Witt

Workshop # 07 - Friday 7th September 2018
Mindfulness: The practice, the benefits and the neuroscience
Presenter: Kate Potter

Workshop # 08 - Monday 15th October 2018
Other ways of knowing: Understanding Aboriginal trauma
Presenter: Janine Cattanach

Workshop # 09 - Tuesday 13th November 2018
Sleep and substance use: effects, assessment and intervention.
Presenters: Rowan Ogeil, Damon Ashworth and Vanessa Smithies

Venue: Turning Point, 110 Church Street, Richmond. (Note: new address)
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*The fee to attend these workshops is $110 for half day and $220 full day. This fee includes all catering (lunch included for full day workshops)and resources. This fee must be paid by credit card at registration. Cancellation fees apply and details of these are provided on registration.