Research aims to help people overcome addiction

Posted on: Wednesday, 08 May 2013

New research by Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre may provide hope for people with addiction.

Researchers are investigating how anhedonia – an impaired capacity to experience everyday pleasures – affects people trying to overcome drug addiction.

Researcher Dr Joshua Garfield said the project will inform the development of interventions for people trying to overcome addiction.

Preliminary data by the Turning Point research team has suggested that people who experience greater levels of anhedonia are likely to use drugs more often over the following months.

“We have also found that people with higher levels of anhedonia are likely to be less engaged in other activities,” Dr Garfield said, “which may mean they find it more difficult to stop using.”

Researchers are now looking to recruit a group of tobacco smokers with no history of addiction to alcohol or illegal drugs, to assist them with their research.

The research is being conducted in the City of Yarra, City of Melbourne and City of Whitehorse.  Details: 8413 8491.