Responsibility is the key as new uni year gets underway

Posted on: Tuesday, 21 February 2012

As the new university year begins, Eastern Health’s Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre is reminding students to look after themselves and their mates when it comes to alcohol consumption.

For many students, the age when they commence university is often the first time they can legally purchase alcohol.

However, Turning Point Director Professor Dan Lubman said that right came with a great deal of responsibility.

“Students should know all the facts about alcohol consumption,” Prof Lubman said.

“It is one of the main causes of physical harm in young people, with intoxication substantially increasing the likelihood of injuries as a result of assaults or accidents.”

Many universities across Australia have Orientation Week activities kicking off soon, with classes starting next week.

Prof Lubman said while universities often provided a safe environment for students during their O-Week activities, it was still important young people looked after themselves and their mates.

“Having a few drinks and going to parties might be seen as part of university life but it is important young people don’t feel pressured into drinking to intoxication,” he said.

Prof Lubman added there could sometimes be a cultural acceptance in Australia of excessive drinking, particularly among young people.

“It is important students are aware of the dangers associated with going over the top,” Prof Lubman said.

People seeking support for a drug or alcohol issue can call Directline on 1800 888 236 or visit


If you would like to arrange an interview with Professor Dan Lubman, please contact Winston Tan from Eastern Health Communications on 0407 785 706.