Screening & Assessment and Outcome Monitoring Workshops - APPLY NOW!

Posted on: Thursday, 05 March 2015

Turning Point has been contracted by the Department of Health to provide statewide training for Intake and Assessment Service Providers. 

About this workshop

This workshop aims to enhance the confidence and skills of clinicians in screening, assessment and outcome monitoring for AOD clients.

It is understood that at the workshop there will be varying levels of clinical experience in the use of the screening and assessment tools and so a workshop format will provide an opportunity for participants to engage in a process of learning from each other. The workshop will also look at Demand Modelling and how this fits in with the Intake and Assessment process. The final component of the day will be dedicated to introducing the Screening and Assessment Community of Practice. The Community of Practice will comprise all AOD workers in Victoria with an interest in Screening and Assessment. The workshop will provide an opportunity for these workers to discuss ways of working together, sharing knowledge and problem solving.

The workshops will be held in each of the sixteen catchment areas allowing participants to consider issues in a local context.

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