Significant moment in approach to reducing drug-related harms

Posted on: Thursday, 02 November 2017

Turning Point Clinical Director Professor Dan Lubman and Program Director Anthony Denham have congratulated Premier Daniel Andrews for his government’s decision to pilot a medically supervised injecting centre in North Richmond.

“The decision to pilot a medically supervised injecting facility in North Richmond is a huge signal to the sector and more importantly the wider community that individuals struggling with addiction will be treated with compassion, understanding and evidence-based solutions,” Professor Lubman said.

It follows a state government announcement earlier in the week that $53 million would be provided for 420 additional residential beds across the state.

“We are delighted that the government has responded to the overwhelming evidence regarding medically supervised injecting centres, and are continuing to invest in a broad range of treatment approaches for individuals, families and communities impacted by alcohol and drugs,” said Professor Lubman. 

In October, Medical Director of the Kings Cross Medically Supervised Injecting Centre Dr Marianne Jauncey spoke at the Turning Point Oration, providing a valuable insight into the Sydney experience.

“Victoria has traditionally led the way in innovative healthcare approaches, and these announcements provide an opportunity to further develop effective integrated care pathways across the spectrum of alcohol and other drug presentations,” Professor Lubman said.