Dr Michael Livingston

Dr Livingston joined the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research (CAPR) in 2006 and since then he has predominantly been involved in research examining the relationship between physical availability of alcohol (particularly the density of alcohol outlets) and alcohol-related harms using a range of spatial and longitudinal statistical techniques. This work made up the bulk of Dr Livingston’s PhD, submitted in March 2012, which was funded by a scholarship provided by the Sidney Myer Fund and the Australian Rechabite Foundation. Dr Livingston has also undertaken a number of projects focusing on risky drinking among young people, including an analysis of recent trends and an examination of individual and environmental factors associated with regular high-risk drinking and has been a contributor to CAPR’s work on alcohol’s harm to others.

Dr Livingston has published widely in the field and regularly presents his work to academic, government and community audiences. He has a national media profile on alcohol issues, appearing on television (e.g. The 7:30 Report, Nine News), radio (e.g. Radio National, 774, 3AW) and in the print media (e.g. The Age, The Herald Sun, The Australian etc). Dr Livingston has attracted significant research funding, via grants from the ARC, NHMRC, VicHealth and ANPHA.

  • Alcohol and violence
  • Liquor licensing and the night-time economy
  • Individual and environmental determinants of alcohol-related harm
  • Quantitative methodologies


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