Professor Robin Room

Professor Room was a researcher at the National Alcohol Research Centre (Berkeley, California) from 1963 to 1991; he was appointed as the Scientific Director from 1977 to 1991. 

He was later appointed as Vice-President for Research at the Addiction Research Foundation of Ontario, Canada, from 1991 to 1998.

In 1999 Professor Room was appointed professor and founding director of the Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs at Stockholm University.

In March, 2006, he became Professor of Alcohol Policy Research at the School of Population Health of the University of Melbourne and the Director of the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research (CAPR) at Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre.

Among Professor Room's many awards is, Jellinek Memorial Award for Alcohol Studies.
  • Social, cultural & epidemiological studies of alcohol, drugs and gambling behaviour and problems
  • Studies of social responses to alcohol and drug problems and
  • effects of policy changes
  • Livingston, M., Matthews, S., Barratt, M. J., Lloyd, B., & Room, R. (In press). Diverging trends in alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm in Victoria. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.
  • Rehm, J., Giesbrecht, N., Gliksman, L., Graham, K., Le, A. D., Mann, R. E., et al. (In press). Substance abuse research in a modern health care centre: The case of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Addiction.
  • Room, R. (In press-a). A blast from the past – Temperance as the source of all our troubles. Addiction Research and Theory.
  • Room, R. (In press-b). “Contemporary Drug Problems” then and now – an editor’s envoi. Contemporary Drug Problems.
  • Room, R. (In press). The political response to alcohol and drug advice in Australia: Comparing the response to two expert reports. Contemporary Drug Problems.

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