Study on Alcohol Use - Young Australians Alcohol Reporting System (YAARS)

Project Duration: Ongoing

Researchers at Monash University and Turning Point are seeking 14-19 year olds who regularly drink alcohol to talk about their drinking experiences. The information we collect will be used to make things safer for young people.

Data collection for this project is now underway.

Prof Dan Lubman, Associate Professor Belinda Lloyd, Dr Rowan Ogeil, Melissa Reed, Agatha Faulkner, Cassidy Connor and James Wilson

This study is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health. This project is a national collaboration and we have team members from all over Australia including: the University of New South Wales (NSW), Monash University (VIC), the University of Tasmania (TAS), Flinders University (SA), ACT Health (ACT), Charles Darwin University (NT), and the University of Queensland (QLD).

For more information email Rowan Ogeil ( or visit the study web-page or our Facebook page:

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