Statewide Specialist Alcohol and Drug Medical Services

Turning Point has capacity to respond to medical referrals for assessment and treatment planning.

Our medical team of addiction medicine physicians, addiction psychiatrists and specialists in training, operate clinics including:

  • Specialist opioid maintenance pharmacotherapy
  • Dual diagnosis assessment (Item 291)
  • Specialist alcohol use disorder consultancy
  • Assessment of addiction related to opioid treatment of persisting pain
  • Assessment of drug use disorders by an addiction medicine specialist

All medical clinics require a referral from a medical practitioner, including provider number details.

Specific requirements for an addiction psychiatrist comprehensive assessment include (in addition to a GP referral), a specific request for a “psychiatric assessment and report under MBS Item 291”.

Consultations for eligible Health Care Card holder consultations are Medicare bulk billed.

Referrals may be written using general practice software or the referral form  below, and should include:

  • Substance use history including types and amounts of drugs or alcohol used
  • Recent substance use
  • Medical & psychiatric history
  • Current medications
  • Where relevant, clinical question or type of assessment or treatment required

Download the referral form [PDF format]