Interactive Services

Turning Point has developed seven online initiatives related to gambling and drug & alcohol to help clients, professionals, GPs and families.
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Do you have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs? This online screen can help you work out if your drinking levels and/or drug use is a problem for you.

DirectLine provides confidential alcohol & drug counselling and referral in Victoria.

DACAS is a consultancy service for health professionals to help with the management of drug & alcohol issues.

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CounsellingOnline provides live counselling, information and referral for people with alcohol & drug problems.

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Gambling Help Online provides live counselling & email support for anyone with a gambling concern.

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Just ASk

Just Ask Us is an information service for university students with drug, alcohol, health & wellbeing issues.

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Parenting Strategies website provides practical strategies to help parents delay or reduce their child's alcohol use.

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