School Education

MAKINGtheLINK is a school wellbeing program that teaches young people how to overcome barriers to seeking help, and equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively support their peers. The program aims to increase the likelihood that students will provide appropriate advice to their peers and encourage them to seek professional help.

The MAKINGtheLINK resource is designed for those working with young people aged 12-14 years (Levels 7 & 8), with classroom delivery in mind. The program is evidence-based, mapped to the Victorian curriculum and offers interactive and engaging activities which integrate examples of common youth issues*.

 *MAKINGtheLINK is a program that teaches help-seeking skills. It may be applied to a range of youth concerns such as bullying, coping with stress, discrimination as well as mental health and alcohol and drug misuse


It is well established that early intervention is critical in safeguarding against the negative impacts of mental health problems. Moreover, young people are reluctant to seek professional help, preferring to rely on family and friends for support. The MAKINGtheLINK program appropriately targets students aged 12-14 years, with their increasing vulnerability to mental health conditions and engagement in risky behaviour, such as alcohol misuse. A recent randomised control trial of the program, funded by NHMRC, proves the effectiveness of the program with improvements in adolescent’s help-seeking behaviour, attitudes and intentions. 


Turning Point was awarded Excellence in Prevention and Education at the 2017 National Alcohol and other Drug Awards for the MAKINGtheLINK program. These prestigious and highly competitive awards recognise the work of Australian’s in the Alcohol and other Drug (AoD) sector. The awards are supported by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) and the Australian Government.

Features of the MAKINGtheLINK program –

ü  Develops health literacy

ü  Mapped to the Victoria curriculum

ü  Whole school approach

ü  Strengths based

ü  Evidence based

ü  Skills based

ü  Flexible delivery

ü  High satisfaction ratings

ü  Values diversity

ü  Peer support

ü  Encourages early intervention

ü  Award winning

ü  Expert advice and support from Turning Point

We are currently taking enquiries from schools and other professionals working with young people for professional development training on using the MAKINGtheLINK program in the classroom in 2018. Please contact Emma Sandral via email for further details.