Sarah Berryman becomes Turning Point's first nurse practitioner candidate

3 May 2021

Turning Point Eastern Treatment Services (TPETS) is delighted to announce that Sarah Berryman has been appointed as Turning Point’s first Nurse Practitioner candidate.

Sarah Berryman Nurse Practitioner CandidateSarah has 13 years of nursing experience, including in specialist mental health and alcohol and other drug services. More recently Sarah has been the lead clinic nurse operating the TPETS Specialist Pharmacotherapy Service.

Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses with advanced experience, expertise and authority to diagnose and treat a variety of health conditions. They are the most senior and independent clinical nurses in Australia’s health care system.

Read more about Sarah’s experience as a Nurse Practitioner candidate, in her own words, below:

What made you want to be a Nurse Practitioner?

Shortly after commencing work at Turning Point in 2017 I was very lucky to be offered work in the specialist pharmacotherapy clinic, where we primarily treat people with opioid dependence. Working alongside fantastic doctors, who had a passion for not only the treatment we provide to clients but also teaching their colleagues, was really my primary inspiration and planted a seed in my mind that potentially one day I could help people with pharmacotherapy treatment as a Nurse Practitioner too. Nurse Practitioners are nurses working at an advanced and extended level of practice that have the capacity to work independently, and this is fantastic for a service like Turning Point as this allows a greater expansion of services we can offer to clients.

Nurse Practitioners these days are also still pioneers for a relatively new level of practice within the nursing industry. It gives nurses a higher level of education and practice to aspire to, and it offers clients who would previously have had to see a doctor, another option to have their healthcare needs met.

Why undertake a Nurse Practitioner candidacy at Turning Point?

Turning Point, although an organisation and a job, is also somewhere I consider home now. I’m really passionate about the treatment we provide and feel it’s somewhere I would recommend to my closest family and friends if they were ever in need. I never really considered going anywhere else to start my Nurse Practitioner candidacy.

How are you finding Nurse Practitioner candidacy so far?

This year I have commenced the Nurse Practitioner candidate role and a Master of Advanced Clinical Nursing Practice at Monash University. So far it has been quite the rollercoaster! It has been so exciting to meet all the other Nurse Practitioner candidate and talk about our dreams for the role. It has also been quite overwhelming to start university at a Master’s level, many years since my last university studies. After an initial panic, I’m now in what I call ‘attack’ mode – when I’m embracing the studies, difficult as they may be, and really enjoying all the new learning and challenges!


Congratulations to Sarah, we look forward to seeing all the incredible things she will do in this new role! If you would like to join our team you can keep an eye on our vacancies through the links here we are always looking for talented people who are passionate about improving the lives of people affected by addiction.