2018 Symposium and Oration

In 2018 Turning Point’s annual Symposium and Oration will explore the many faces of trauma.


Thursday 11 October 2018
1:00pm - 5:00pm


Turning Point, Level 1, 110 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121

Free: there is no cost to attend this event but RSVP's are essential.



In 2018 Turning Point’s annual Symposium and Oration will explore the many faces of trauma. Alcohol, drugs and gambling are both a risk factor and consequence of trauma.

Traditionally, the multiple sectors working across these areas have not had a strong history of collaboration, often as a result of differing service response frameworks.

Light refreshments will be served afterwards from 5.00pm to 6.00pm.


The oration will be delivered by Liana Buchanan, Principal Commissioner for Children and Young People, with her reflections on how well we prevent and respond to trauma in children and her observations on family violence, child protection and youth justice.

In addition to Liana we will hear from a selection of expert speakers discussing how trauma impacts the lives of military personnel, men and family violence.

Speakers include: Jacqui Watt, CEO at No To Violence and Dr Louise Du Chesne, Clinical Psychologist and A/Director National Intake, Open Arms, Veterans and Family Counselling.
Dr Du Chesne has over 20 years of experience working in addiction and trauma. Her presentation will focus on the clinical ramifications of an accumulation of traumatic experiences over a lifetime with particular reference to her experience working with military veterans.

We will also hear from a person with lived experience, who will take us through the journey of childhood trauma, disconnection and addiction from their teenage years into recovery and a contributing life.