Talking Point: Compassion in healthcare: are we on track or is there more that can be done?

Presented by Dr Debbie Ling

What does the current evidence tell us about the state of compassion in healthcare? Are we in the midst of a compassion crisis in Australia?


Wednesday 15 September 2021
1:00pm - 2:00pm



Free - Talking Point is a free seminar series but registrations are essential


This presentation explores the latest compassion research, barriers and facilitators to compassion and key factors that impact on compassionate health service delivery.

There will be a consideration of how to sustain and strengthen compassion in healthcare incorporating both bottom up and top down approaches.

This presentation will be useful for anyone working in healthcare, patients and consumers of the service and those in leadership and policy positions.

About the presenter

Dr Debbie Ling: Debbie is a Lecturer in the Department of Social Work, Monash University and a Research Fellow in the Epworth Monash Rehabilitation Medicine Unit. Her research area is compassion and common humanity. Debbie developed a compassion training intervention for healthcare workers which has attracted interest from around the world. She has delivered compassion training to hundreds of workers around Australia.

More information

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