sandra hamlet

Sandra Hamlet

Education Officer, Workforce Development


Sandra is an Education Officer with Turning Point. Having completed the Masters of Public Health in 2020 with a placement in Work Force Development, Sandra joined the team to complete her project. The project is eight hours of training in ‘Person-Centred Principles for Telephone and Online counselling’. It is now ready to be offered as a training for those in the AOD and allied health sectors working in, or transitioning to, Telehealth modalities.

Sandra continues to work at Turning Point as a shift lead and trainer in Telephone and Online Services (TOLS). TOLS provides 29 telephone helpline and web based contact points across Australia for the AOD and Problem Gambling sectors.


Sandra has worked extensively across the education and community health sector. Joining the workforce as a physical education, health and biology teacher, Sandra studied counselling and returned to schools as a student counsellor and wellbeing coordinator. After the Victoria 2009 bushfires, she supported fire affected people with a role in the Victorian Bushfire Case Management Service. This was followed by roles at Gamblers Help, disability case management with Melbourne CityMission and 3 years as a telephone and online counsellor with Turning Point Statewide Services. An additional 3 years+ as shift leader and trainer in the same service has broadened her experience. Sandra completed her Masters of Public Health at the University of Melbourne, studied a full-time 2 year Diploma of Holistic Counselling and has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Dip Ed).


Sandra’s interest areas are capacity building for the public health workforce. She is passionate about strength based modalities for supporting people to achieve their mental and physical health goals. Telehealth, in particular telephone and online services, is a effective way to provide services for those experiencing health service inequity due to barriers of cost, distance, fear of stigma and discrimination, isolation, physical and mental health challenges.

Contact details

You can contact Sandra at [email protected]