Dr Anthony Barnett

Dr Anthony (Tony) Barnett

Research Officer, Clinical and Social Research team, Turning Point and Monash University


Tony joined Turning Point in 2018. Working in the clinical and social research team, his work explores the social and cultural contexts of alcohol and other drug use, treatment (including novel therapeutic interventions) and policy change. His work draws on critical social science methods to provide in-depth accounts of consumers, carers and clinicians’ experience of addiction treatment, care and recovery.

In 2020, he completed his PhD thesis at Monash University which explored clinicians’ views about the brain disease model of addiction and how neuroscientific models and interventions integrate within everyday practice. His work has implications for health care delivery in drug and alcohol treatment settings along with policy development, both locally and internationally.

Contact details

You can contact Tony at Anthony.Barnett@easternhealth.org.au