Dr James Wilson

Dr James Wilson

Senior Research Officer, National Addiction and Mental Health Surveillance Unit, Turning Point and Monash University


James has been researching alcohol and other drugs since 2012, and is interested in how substances become entangled with young people’s lives, emergency services, mental health issues, and criminal justice. James completed a qualitative research project on young adults and alcohol for his PhD, and has been part of the National Addiction and Mental Health Surveillance Unit at Turning Point since 2016, starting in the data coding team.

Research interests

James has worked across various Turning Point projects, from exploring pre-drinking among teenagers to teasing out the contexts that underpin the use of pharmaceutical opioids, such as Oxycodone.

Currently, James is investigating violence, and the harms encountered by people involved in the criminal justice system, using paramedic case records derived from the Ambo Project and the National Ambulance Surveillance System.

James is also a unit tutor for Masters of Addictive Behaviours program (Monash), and has a keen interest in enhancing knowledge translation in alcohol and drug research, and ensuring communication is engaging and accessible across the sector.

Contact details

You can contact James at [email protected]

More information

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