Ready 2 Change

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Ready 2 Change offers support to Victorians who want to decrease their substance use.

Ready 2 Change is a drug and alcohol specific brief counselling intervention (one to six sessions) and is delivered over the phone by qualified mental health professionals. It is typically recommended for individuals with mild to moderate substance use, e.g. using most days but not every day. It can be a good option for someone who is accessing drug and alcohol counselling for the first time.

Ready 2 Change will:

  • help you gain a better understanding of your use
  • support you in setting goals
  • explore your strengths and vulnerabilities
  • teach you strategies to address your use.

Our highly trained counsellors will use evidence-based approaches and will share your journey with understanding, empathy and compassion. Weekend and after-hours appointments are available. Appointments are typically 50 minutes and include two workbooks to help track substance use and learn strategies to change.

To find out more about the Ready 2 Change program you can self-refer or be referred by any health professional via the 'self assessment' tab. Once you have completed the self-assessment, if Ready 2 Change is recommended for you, then you will be directed to the Registration tab. Upon registration, you will select an appointment time to have an assessment with a Ready 2 Change counsellor. In this appointment you will talk more about the program and your needs.

Other options for change

If Ready 2 Change does not feel like the right program for you consider contacting DirectLine (PH: 1800 888 236) for other options.

For referrals to the R2C Program contact can be made via:

Relating to drug and alcohol: 

Directline (Vic), 1800 888 236

Relating to gambling:

Gamblers Help  (Tas) 1800 858 858
Gamblers Help (Qld) 1800 858 858
Gambling Helpline (SA) 1800 858 858
Gambling Help (NSW) 1800 858 858