Ready 2 Change

Ready-2-Change (R2C) is a six-week telephone intervention program that provides support and motivates long-lasting change to people with alcohol, drug or gambling issues. 

The evidence-based telehealth program targets people who are looking to address their alcohol and drug issues and are ready to make a commitment to change.  

Fewer than 20% of individuals with alcohol and drug issues seek specialist treatment at face-to-face alcohol and other drug services, with geographical factors, stigma, employment, childcare issues and time poverty reported as common barriers.

Telephone-delivered interventions are cost efficient and highly accessible with the potential to reach a larger number of problem drinkers and drug users in the community that are otherwise unlikely or unwilling to get help from face-to-face services.

R2C is not a service to replace direct support services, but works as a low cost alternative for those at need who currently do not engage in evidence-based treatment due to stigma, service demand, accessibility, motivation to access, and ineligibility.  

The program has undergone repeated evaluations and has demonstrated high levels of client satisfaction as well as major improvements in client mental health and substance use. The service evidence indicates that it is currently capturing groups of people within regional and metropolitan settings that would otherwise struggle with accessing traditional face-to-face services.

For referrals to the R2C Program contact can be made via:

Relating to drug and alcohol: 

Directline (Vic), 1800 888 236

Relating to gambling:

Gamblers Help  (Tas) 1800 858 858
Gamblers Help (Qld) 1800 858 858
Gambling Helpline (SA) 1800 858 858
Gambling Help (NSW) 1800 858 858