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Turning Point has partnered with Monash University to offer the Master of Addictive Behaviours that will enable you to develop specialist knowledge and professional skills to benefit people and communities affected by addiction problems and related harms.You will learn from Australian and International experts in addiction science and explore contemporary issues in substance use disorders (alcohol and misuse of prescribed and illicit drugs), process addictions (gambling, gaming), and other emerging addictive behaviours yet to be formally recognised (e.g., sex addiction, food addiction). 

This course is designed to educate health professionals, practitioners and policymakers, incorporating the latest evidence related to treatment, neuroscience, social and drug policies, and public health, as well as emerging substance and behavioural addictions. The knowledge gained will impact society at an individual, group, and community level, promoting harm reduction and minimisation.

Delivered completely online, the Master of Addictive Behaviours offers the flexibility required by working professionals. You will have the opportunity to study via interactive modules, stream video lectures and take part in-group discussion forums, and other online activities incorporating the latest educational technologies and methodologies.

Whether you’re looking to move into the addiction field, progress to a more senior role or develop your research skills, this course will expand your specialist knowledge, professional and academic skills to advance your career.

We offer three levels  of entry into our Master of Addictive Behaviours and you may be eligible to receive credit for prior qualifications and experience.

You may be eligible to exit your course early and apply to graduate with one of the following qualifications, provided you have met the requirements for the qualification during your enrolment in the Masters course:

  • Graduate Certificate of Addictive Behaviours: you will need to complete Part A (24 points)
  • Graduate Diploma of Addictive Behaviours: you will need to complete Parts A and B (48 points)

If you decide to graduate early, you will need to discontinue from the Masters course. You may be eligible to receive credit for the units you have completed if you re-apply and are re-admitted to this course or apply for another graduate degree at Monash University.

Course details

How to apply: Submit your application via Monash University
Location: Online (Part time)
Duration: 2-4 years (part time only) depending on prior qualifications and entry level
Start date: First Semester (February)
Qualification: Master of Addictive Behaviours
Alternative qualifications:

  • Graduate Certificate in Addictive Behaviours
  • Graduate Diploma in Addictive Behaviours 

Course outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Master of Addictive Behaviours course it is expected that students will be able to:

  • Critically analyse biopsychosocial models of addiction and current discourses around addictive behaviours
  • Identify and describe the historical, political, economic and social factors that influence addictive behaviours in Australia and Internationally
  • Evaluate the impact of addictive behaviours on individuals, families, communities and social systems
  • Examine addictive behaviours in relation to special population groups (dual diagnosis, indigenous, youth, older adult, GLBTI, transcultural)
  • Outline the process by which addiction health policies are formed and reformed
  • Recognise and compare the basic concepts and research methods used in the area of addiction studies
  • Evaluate evidence-based models of interventions for various addictive behaviours.

In addition, students who select the research stream instead of coursework stream, will be able to do a supervised research project in the area of addiction studies of their choice and complete the last learning outcome:

  • design, undertake and write up a research project (minor thesis) in the area of addiction studies.

This stream will bring them the possibility to undertake a PhD in Addiction science at Monash University in partnership with Turning Point.

Contact details

All inquiries should be directed to:

Workforce Development, Turning Point
Phone: +61 3 8413 8700
Email: turningpoint@monash.edu