“It takes on average 27 years before people recover from alcohol problems, and less than 10 percent of those who experience alcohol and other drugs or gambling issues ever seek professional treatment.”
Dennis et al 2005.

We work with communities to better understand the barriers to help-seeking, and find ways to end the stigma towards people with addiction and the unnecessary delays in seeking treatment through early intervention approaches.

Empowering health systems

Beyond the Emergency

Investigating acute male mental health presentations to ambulance services and identifies opportunities to improve mental health support for men.

Gambling and mental illness

Understanding barriers to responding to gambling problems by clinicians, and the rates of gambling problems amongst people seeking treatment for mental illness.

Did not attend

Exploring whether adopting behaviour-change prompts can increase attendance rates in addiction treatment services.

Health promotion


Health4Her examines alcohol consumption and the opportunities for alcohol health promotion intervention among women who have attended breast screening services.

Gambling self-help

Developing self-help gambling strategies and actions used by problems gamblers to determine the uptake and helpfulness of these within the Australian context.

Gambling venue study

Investigating the impact of evidence-based action and coping planning intervention in Victorian gambling venues, and examines a range of strategies that gamblers use to stick to their limits.


Evaluating the effectiveness of a school-based intervention that aims to help adolescents overcome barriers to seeking professional help for mental health and substance use problems.

Experiences of online care

Experiences of counselling online

Exploring the effectiveness of care of online counselling services from the provider and user experience.