Turning Point is proud to have partnered with SBS and Blackfella Films to produce the four-part Addicted Australia documentary series. The series aired on the 10th of November 2020, and is now available to stream on SBS On Demand. Visit SBS to find out more about how to watch the series.

We invite you to join us in watching this documentary series, and to join the campaign to Rethink Addiction, because addiction is one of the most misunderstood and overlooked health issues facing Australians.

In the documentary series we have been able to share the powerful stories of 10 Australians affected by addiction, and the recovery that is possible with a holistic and extended treatment program that has never been offered before.

About Addicted Australia

Learn more about the making the documentary, meet the team, read more about the episodes and see what others are saying about the series.

About addiction

Many people don’t understand how addiction works, by understanding it we can reduce stigma and improve access to treatment options.

Support us

Watched the documentary and want to get involved? There are a few ways that you can support us.