Our treatment services are focused on complex presentations, providing specialist assessment and treatment, detailed management plans, medication initiation and stabilisation, secondary consultation and support, mentoring and education for referrers. The services at Turning Point are evidence-based and informed by current research practice.

The clinical team at Turning Point is multidisciplinary, including addiction medicine specialists, nurses, psychologists, neuropsychologists, social workers and peer support.

Clients and their families/carers may also have the opportunity to participate in a range of research programs and trials as part of their care.

Turning Point Statewide Specialist Clinical Services

Turning Point’s Statewide Specialist Clinical Services are based in Richmond, and include a range of addiction medicine, psychology and neuropsychology assessment and treatment services. These services are available to anyone in state of Victoria, and in some instances can be delivered via tele-health.

Turning Point Eastern Treatment Services

In the Eastern metropolitan region, Turning Point Eastern Treatment Services (TPETS) is the lead agency for the Eastern Consortium of Alcohol and Drug Services (ECADS) – a partnership of alcohol and other drug service providers that cover the inner and outer eastern metropolitan region (Inner East and Eastern catchments). 

Services offered at TPETS include a range of addiction medicine, counselling and care and recovery coordination. TPETS also provides intake services for the Inner East via 1800 778 278, and some tele-health services.

Clinician resources

Clinical practice guidelines

Download the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Withdrawal Guidelines and the Methamphetamine Treatment Guidelines.

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Screening assessment tools

Download the screening assessment tools and guides.

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Drug and Alcohol Clinical Advisory Service (DACAS)

Download factsheets, clinical guidelines and clinical resources.

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Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) factsheets

Download factsheets and COVID-19 support and clinician resources.

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Education and training

Attend professional development workshops, watch a collection of archived webinars and purchase print publications.

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Social Prescribing Resources

Community Groups

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Facebook Groups

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Flare Ups

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Online Activities

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Clinician advice and mentorship

Drug and Alcohol Clinical Advisory Service (DACAS)

Addiction specialist telephone consultancy service available 24/7 and free of charge to clinicians.

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Refer to Turning Point Addiction Services

Turning Point offers a wide range of addiction treatment services and recovery programs for Victorians affected by addiction. Please view the services below and discuss these with your patient to determine if they could benefit from a referral to Turning Point.

Intake service and referrals

Turning Point Eastern Treatment (TPETS) Intake Service

Comprehensive assessment for services including detox, medical support and counselling.

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Referral forms

Download the following referral forms:

Referrals can be sent to Turning Point via fax (03) 8413 8499.

Inpatient detox and short stay rehabilitation

1 East and Wellington House

7-28 day residential detox and short-stay rehabilitation. Located at Eastern Health's Box Hill Hospital Campus.

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Specialist addiction clinics

Specialist pharmacotherapy service

Treatment for people who are dependent on prescribed or illicit opioids. Treatment options include methadone, Suboxone, Buvidal and Sublocade.

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Addiction medicine clinic

Specialist addiction clinic for people requiring assessment, diagnostic clarification and management planning for Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) use or other addictive behaviours (e.g. gambling).

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Addiction neuropsychology service

Neuropsychological assessment and secondary consultation for people with Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) issues and suspected cognitive impairment.

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Counselling, psychotherapy and care coordination

Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) counselling

Counselling support for people to help address their alcohol and drug concerns.

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COPE Program

An evidence based, integrated psychotherapy for women experiencing PTSD and problematic alcohol and other drug use.

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Ready 2 Change (R2C)

Structured telephone counselling, for people with Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) use who are unable to access face-to-face support.

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Diverse Pathways

Specialist outreach support for people affected by alcohol and other drug use and who identify as Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or culturally and linguistically diverse.

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Aboriginal alcohol and other drug support

Outreach and treatment for people who identify as Aboriginal and who are seeking support for their alcohol and other drug use.

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Counselling, care and recovery coordination

Treatment and care coordination for people requiring support from Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) and other health and support services.

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Alcohol and other drug (AOD) pathways

Support with accessing Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) services for people with complex needs, and who have had difficulties engaging with AOD services previously.

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Group programs

SMART Recovery (Turning Point Ringwood Group)

Cognitive behaviour therapy and motivational interviewing based group program to help people manage their alcohol and drug use.

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Family Information Sessions

Monthly sessions to provide information and support to family, friends and carers of people affected by addiction.

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The KickStart program is an eight-week therapeutic group specifically for men who are involved in the justice system where a link has been identified between offending behaviour and substance use.

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Telephone and online services


Directline is a free 24/7 telephone service, offering on-the-spot counselling and referral to specialist treatment services for people affected by addiction.

Visit Directline

Counselling Online

Counselling Online is a free, confidential service that operates 24/7 to provide online support and referral for anyone affected by alcohol and other drugs.

Visit Counselling Online

Referral forms

Download the following referral forms:

Referrals can be sent to Turning Point via fax (03) 8413 8499.