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15 February 2024
Researchers are investigating a new smartphone app to see if it can help people reduce their alcohol cravings and consumption.
1 February 2024
Back in 2019, Turning Point partnered with Blackfella Films and SBS to produce Addicted Australia, a four-part documentary series following the lives of ten Australians as they took part in a unique addiction treatment program developed by our clinicians.
29 November 2023
Turning Point is delighted to announce that Dr Rowan Ogeil has been appointed as the Strategic Lead of NAMHSU.
The National Addiction & Mental Health Surveillance Unit team at APSAD 2023
23 November 2023
A wrap-up of the NAMHSU team presentations at the 2023 Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs Conference.
The Clinical and Social Research Team at APSAD 2023, Part 2
17 November 2023
Here’s part 2 of our wrap-up of the CSR team’s presentations at the 2023 APSAD Conference.
The Clinical and Social Research Team at APSAD 2023
17 November 2023
The CSR team is just back from the 2023 Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and Other Drugs Conference.
Mental illness or environmental adaption
9 November 2023
A recent, popular Talking Point presentation by Dr Haley Peckham offers a complementary way of understanding the brain’s response to growing up in a harsh environment.
27 October 2023
Congratulations to Dr Rowan Ogeil, who has just been appointed to the Editorial Board of Drug and Alcohol Review as a Deputy Editor.
5 October 2023
Turning Point and MARC have made a joint submission to the Victorian consultation on the implementation of carded play and pre-commitment on poker machines across the state.
The Health4Her Project builds momentum
4 October 2023
Health4hHer is an evidence-based health promotion program that helps women attending breast screening services protect themselves from the harm caused by alcohol.
This little-known change could save lives and reduce Australia’s breast cancer cases
28 September 2023
Many Australian women are already protecting themselves from breast cancer risks by proactively checking their breasts and having regular breast screens.

However, few people are aware of the link between alcohol and breast cancer.
Zero alcohol drink risks in the spotlight
28 September 2023
Better regulation and community education are needed to manage the risks associated with zero-alcohol drinks.