Talking Point


Talking Point is a regular series of free public lectures that aim to inspire, inform and challenge our notions of what we know about addiction and its impact across society. Health and social sector professionals and the general public are all welcome to attend.

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Among previous years' highlights has been a visit from Uncle Jack Charles. Uncle Jack is a noted actor, musician, and storyteller, who is also a reformed addict and former member of the Turning Point program.

Other speakers have included Professor Louisa Degenhardt from the Burnet Institute on the contribution of cannabis to psychosis; and Jeremy Dwyer, senior case investigator at the Coroner's Court Victoria looking at the relationship between unintended opioid overdose and prescriber data.

Previous events


Topic: SafeScript, Victoria’s real-time prescription monitoring system
Presenters: Dr Malcolm Dobbin and Laura Mulligan
Date: September 2018

Topic: Codeine dependence - what happened and what's next?
Presenter: Dr Suzanne Nielsen
Date: August 2018

Topic: Successes and challenges in reducing the harms of substance use - lessons learned from the Canadian experience
Presenter: Dr Matthew M. Young
Date: August 2018

Topic: Why do young people use alcohol?
Presenter: Emmanuel Kuntsche
Date: June 2018

Topic: On the use of targeted cognitive training in the treatment of substance use disorders
Presenter: Professor Reinout W. Wiers
Date: May 2018

Topic: Improving engagement with AOD treatment
Presenter: Liam Smith
Date: April 2018

Topic: Medicinal cannabis, hype or highpe?
Presenter: David Taylor
Date: March 2018

Topic: Community connections, recovery and reintegration
Presenter: Professor David Best
Date: February 2018


Topic: Jenny Valentish in conversation with Naomi Crafti
Presenter: Jenny Valentish
Date: August 2017

Topic: Mobile phone health (mHealth) promotion: Research and experiences
Presenter: Dr Megan Lim
Date: May 2017

Topic: Drug trading via the darknet
Presenter: Dr James Martin
Date: March 2017

Topic: New insights into Victorian pharmaceutical drug overdose death
Presenter: Dr Jeremy Dwyer
Date: February 2017


Topic: Talking Point: Ambo Project: Alcohol and drug related ambulance attendances 2014/15 trends
Presenter: A/Prof Belinda Lloyd
Date: November 2016

Topic: Yoga: The science, rationale, and research evidence for its efficacy in addiction and substance abuse
Presenter: Dr Sat Bir Singh Khalsa
Date: October 2016

Topic: BreakThrough: Ice education for families
Date: August 2016

Topic: Child aware practice: Where does ‘the village’ end and ‘child protection’ begin?
Presenter: Dr Deb Scott
Date: July 2016

Topic: The brain disease model of addiction: Is it supported by the evidence and has it delivered on its promises?
Presenter: Dr Adrian Carter
Date: May 2016

Topic: A system for routine monitoring of deaths after release from prison
Presenter: Professor Stuart Kinner
Date: April 2016

Topic: The joy of data: How data can help you to improve policy, planning and intervention
Presenters: Fiona Barker, Sharon Matthews, Belinda Lloyd and Jessica Killian.
Date: February 2016