Talking Point: “Hospo Drinking Cultures”: Animating alcohol culture change amongst male hospitality workers, presented by Dr Michael Savic on 27th April 2022


As part of VicHealth’s Men’s Risky Drinking Initiative, the Hospo Drinking Cultures project seeks to address cultures of high risk drinking among male hospitality workers through a series of short, animated documentaries. The animated documentaries feature personal experiences of how men are navigating and changing hospitality drinking cultures to facilitate low risk drinking, alternative ways of winding down after a shift, and care between hospitality workers. Drawing on research and insights developed as part of the Hospo Drinking Cultures project, this presentation explores the:

  1. social, cultural and workplace elements at play in hospitality drinking cultures
  2. process of co-designing and developing animated documentaries
  3. potential usefulness of animation in facilitating alcohol culture change

About the presenter

Michael Savic is a Senior Research Fellow (Addiction Studies) at Monash University and the Strategic Lead of the Clinical and Social Research Team at Turning Point. His research focuses on the social and cultural aspects of alcohol and other drug use and care, and often draws on critical approaches and qualitative methods.