Outcome Monitoring project


The Outcome Monitoring project provides telephone follow up calls for Turning Point Eastern Treatment Services clients 1-, 3- and 12-months after their first outpatient treatment session or discharge from impatient detox. Each follow up call is approximately 5 minutes, during which clients are asked about their recent substance use and health and wellbeing, as per the existing review tool recommended by the Victorian Government’s Department of Health & Human Services.

Clients are also asked about any changes experienced since commencing treatment in relation to their own treatment goals, and satisfaction with the care they have received. The completed review tool is uploaded to the client management system, allowing clinicians to monitor their clients’ progress to ensure that their treatment is on track, and review their treatment plan if necessary.

In addition, Turning Point services are provided with feedback on client outcomes and other feedback provided to help to continually improve our programs and services. Already, over the first year of the project, client’s feedback has resulted in changes to the activities offered as part of our detox programs.

Follow-up provides an opportunity for clients to receive information about additional support services available to them, and how they can re-engage with services if desired.

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Project team

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Associate Professor Vic Manning, Dr Rowan Ogeil, Megan Sechtig, Mai-tram Ngygen, Carmen Harris, and Nicole Pensa.

The ECADS team acknowledges all of the hard work that our clinicians and managers have contributed in order to make this project a success.

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