Students are supported to develop broader career skills through attendance and participation at seminars, conferences and opportunities to work with clinicians in multidisciplinary teams.

A wide range of opportunities are available to Turning Point students that support a truly engaging learning experience, whilst helping to build connections with world-leading researchers, clinicians and clinics, and accessing training and teaching programs hosted by Turning Point, Monash Addiction Research Centre (MARC) and Monash University.

Talking Point and Connect & Learn

Facilitated by its Workforce Development team, Turning Point hosts monthly Talking Point and Connect & Learn webinars that allow students to gain fresh insights into addiction treatment and research from some of its brightest minds.

To learn more about upcoming professional development opportunities available to students, please see the Events page.

Photo - Student experience - Talking Point

Student Addiction Researchers (StAR) Program

The Student Addiction Researchers (StAR) Program meets fortnightly during semester to provide professional development, writing support, and to promote collaboration between the Turning Point student cohort whilst undertaking their research projects.

The StAR Program is chaired by Dr Annette Peart, Research Fellow, and dual-appointment to the Clinical and Social Research (CSR) and Telephone and Online Services (TOLS) teams at Turning Point.

Student experience - StAR Group Photo

Emerging Research Leaders (ERL) Program

With an aim to support the continued professional development of Early and Mid Career Researchers, and supported by Turning Point’s Research Management leadership team, the Emerging Research Leaders (ERL) Program provides a platform for post-PhD career development through its tailored program of activities, workshops and presentations.

Student experience - ERL Program

Monash Doctoral Program

Through its affiliation with Monash University, Turning Point PhD students have exclusive access to the Monash Doctoral Program, a program designed to enhance your research project with advanced training that equips you with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to complete your research project with excellence; to develop a broad range of skills and professional attributes; and to make an impact in academia, industry, government or community after graduation.

Students are prepared to finish their PhD with the skills and capabilities sought by employers, giving them a competitive edge in an ever evolving employment market.

To learn more about the Monash Doctoral Program, click here.

Supervisor Connect

For more information about projects available across Monash University, as well as supervisor details, please visit Supervisor Connect.