Rethink Addiction

Launching Rethink Addiction

With the ground-breaking SBS series, Addicted Australia set to air in November 2020, there has never been a better time to Rethink Addiction.

Turning Point has proudly partnered with SBS and Blackfella Films on the factual documentary series, Addicted Australia. This documentary will provide a unique insight into addiction, stigma and treatment by following ten clients, their clinicians, peer support workers and families and friends as they take part in a six-month treatment program designed by Turning Point.

Given its potential to garner a national audience, the Addicted Australia series will play a crucial role in changing community perceptions about the reality of addiction and elevating expectations about what treatment should look like. And Rethink Addiction seeks to continue and elevate this work.

Turning Point launched the Rethink Addiction campaign with a straightforward but crucial mission – to help transform Australia’s attitudes and approach towards addiction so we can form a national roadmap for change.

Support Rethink Addiction

Rethink Addiction is an independent advocacy and education campaign that aims to increase community awareness about addiction and empower individuals to step forward and seek information, treatment, and support for themselves. The content distributed across the campaign’s dedicated website and social media channels, including evidence-based information and linkages to support, seeks to educate key stakeholders about the real facts and stories of addiction.

There are many ways to support the campaign to Rethink Addiction. You can:

  • Sign our petition calling on key decision makers to make addiction response a national priority
  • Tell your story of addiction to help end the shame and stigma
  • Like/follow/share the campaign on social media
  • Encourage your friends and family to do all of the above

How your organisation can get involved

Rethink Addiction is a collaborative initiative that encourages and actively seeks partnerships with the alcohol and other drug sector and non-sector organisations. Our sector partners are key to the success of Rethink Addiction, and we are always looking to collaborate with and receive input from other organisations to create a sector-wide coalition for change.

Please contact Andrew Stewart at [email protected] to find out more about getting your organisation involved in the campaign.