Whether it's clinical leadership, evidence-based research or thought-leaders from around the world developing workforce education and professional development opportunities for anyone interested or working in addiction, Turning Point dedicates itself to enhancing our understanding of the causes of addiction and how best we can respond.

Pharmaceutical opioid overdose deaths and the presence of witnesses

A new study supports the trialling of education and/or naloxone to partners and family members in order to reduce overdose deaths.

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Drug Law Reform Inquiry report

The Victorian Parliament Inquiry into Drug Law Reform has tabled an extensive report with 50 recommendations that could have a significant impact on treatment for addiction.

Download the report from the Parliament of Victoria website

Where are we going with pharmaceutical opioids?

Pharmaceutical drug misuse harms are increasing in Australia, leading to fears of an opioid crisis similar to what we're seeing in North America.

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Sleep matters

Sleep takes up more than a third of our day but we understand very little about what it does for us. Until now...

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Talking Point - Pathways out of addiction 

Professor David Best presents new insights about the role of social groups and identity in recovery from leading Australian and international researchers in the areas of social identity, addiction and recovery.

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Does Australia have an addiction crisis?

Prescription opioid-related harm, heroin overdoses and an ongoing alcohol and gambling problem - is addiction more prevalent in this country or just symptomatic of a society that is struggling to look after itself.

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