World No Tobacco Day 2020

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This Sunday is World No Tobacco Day, an annual day of awareness to shed light on the health risks associated with tobacco.

In Australia, the National Health Survey has identified that 2.6 million adults are daily smokers. Furthermore, smoking contributes to 9% of our total burden of disease, 22% of all cancer burden and 19,000 deaths annually. Tobacco is undeniably one of our largest preventable causes of illness and death.

Research consistently shows that smokers are more likely than non-smokers to concurrently consume alcohol, cannabis and other illicit drugs. Access to a skilled health and welfare workforce able to assist with managing smoking is therefore crucial, to improve the health of people affected by smoking and other drug addictions.

To address the health impacts of smoking, Turning Point has developed a range of training and education resources on how to manage tobacco use.

We have a Connect & Learn Webinar on smoking cessation during alcohol and other drug treatmenta factsheet on Getting Through Tobacco Withdrawal for consumers and tobacco withdrawal guidelines for health providers in our Alcohol and Other Drug Withdrawal Guidelines.

These resources are free and available for viewing at

Turning Point is also leading change by undertaking research into how treatment options for smoking can be improved. Currently we are involved with Project NEAT, a research trial examining the efficacy of vapourised nicotine and telephone quit-line support in the management of tobacco smoking.

So if you or someone you know is seeking help to manage smoking, join us in celebrating World No Tobacco Day, and find support to reduce the health risks of using tobacco. Support for tobacco use is available nationwide from Quit and the National Alcohol and Other Drug Hotline (1800 250 015).