Talking Point: Ambo Project: Alcohol and drug related ambulance attendances 2014/15 trends

This event was one of our Talking Point series. It was delivered on 30 November 2016.

Ambo-AODstats provides detailed state-wide and local information regarding the harms related to alcohol, illicit and pharmaceutical drugs in Victoria. The data and maps update and build upon information previously provided in text format. It delivers the most recent data available regarding acute alcohol and drug harms, and provides a valuable monitoring tool for front line services, policy planners, drug service providers, health professionals and other key stakeholders.

This presentation is linked to the launch of Ambo-AODstats, the Victorian Ambo Project alcohol and drug interactive statistics and mapping website. In this seminar, findings from the Ambo Project: Alcohol and Drug Related Ambulance Attendances were presented for 2014/15. This presentation provides an overview of the Victorian Department of Health funded ongoing project and presents new findings. The project is undertaken by the Population Health Research team at Turning Point in collaboration with Ambulance Victoria.