Naomi Beard

Research Officer, National Addiction and Mental Health Surveillance Unit, Turning Point and Monash University


Naomi is an epidemiologist, graduating from the University of Melbourne with a Master of Science (Epidemiology) in 2020. Her undergraduate background is diverse, with bachelor’s degrees in Arts (anthropology) and Sciences (biochemistry and microbiology) from La Trobe University (2019). She has conducted epidemiological research with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute investigating the effect of antibiotic use on pneumococcal carriage in the era of pneumococcal vaccine use; and completed a secondary data analysis on hospital-based pneumonia surveillance data that evaluated risk factors for severe pneumonia in Mongolian children aged under 5 years old.

Naomi’s major research areas of interests predominantly involve using evidence-based public health interventions to reduce burdens of disease (both communicable and non-communicable) amongst vulnerable communities both in Australia and abroad.