Ramez Bathish

Ramez Bathish

PhD Candidate and Research Officer, Clinical and Social Research Team, Turning Point and Monash University


Ramez is a PhD candidate and Research Officer at Monash University’s Eastern Health Clinical School, based at Turning Point in the Clinical and Social Research team. Ramez has worked as a Research Officer at Monash University and Turning Point since 2014 working on a range of clinical trials and observational studies related to alcohol and other drug use including:

Ramez’s current PhD research examines people’s experiences of alcohol and other drug residential rehabilitation.

Ramez is the Language Editor at the International Journal of Drug Policy and teaches at Monash University in the Graduate Program of Addictive Behaviours.

Research interests

Ramez’s research interests include: 

  • qualitative research
  • social and cultural aspects of alcohol and other drug use
  • addiction and recovery concepts
  • experiences of care and treatment
  • critical perspectives.


Ramez holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Victoria University and conducted his honours research at the Burnet Institute Centre for Population Health in 2012. Ramez has more than fifteen years’ experience working in the alcohol and other drug sector in Melbourne and in addition to his experience in alcohol and other drug research, he has a background in community development, harm reduction and community health working across a range of clinical and non-clinical settings.

Contact details

You can contact Ramez at [email protected]

Twitter: @RamezBathish

 Monash profile: https://research.monash.edu/en/persons/ramez-bathish

 Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=lfKMSx4AAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao