Connect and Learn: Working with trauma and addiction – understanding it’s impact and the implications for our work, presented by Sally Thomas & Anna Bough on 24th of June 2024

1 Jul 2024

This presentation provides a brief overview of what trauma is, paying particular attention to complex trauma, and the relationships between trauma and addiction whilst also addressing the social complexity clients may experience.

We will present practical ideas and tools on how to work effectively with people presenting with trauma related symptoms and explore some of the challenges this may present.


  • Further our understanding of the relationships between AOD use and trauma in treatment settings and the implications for our work
  • Recognise the impact of social complexity and how this may hinder client’s engagement with services and what we can to foster client engagement;
  • To introduce some practical tools, concepts and resources for clinicians and clients/consumers

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About the presenter

Sally Thomas is a senior social worker at Turning Point, working with multiple programs to support clients navigate and link into AOD services as well as providing linkage to other psychosocial supports. These roles also involve supporting family members and concerned others. Sally also has background in youth mental health counselling and a further interest in understanding the socioeconomic determinants of health outcomes for AOD clients.

Anna Bough is a senior clinical psychologist who has worked at Turning Point over a range of programs, most recently the COPE program which is an evidence based treatment for trauma and substance use disorders. Prior to working at Turning Point Anna has worked in community health and homelessness. Through her work Anna seeks to highlight the value of connection in AOD treatment.