Connect & Learn: The Comprehensive Continuous Integrated System of Care. It’s future in Victoria, presented by Patrick Lawrence on 3rd October 2023

17 Oct 2023

In this session Patrick will discuss the Department of Health funded Integrated Care Pilot, which trialled a 12-month implementation of the Comprehensive Continuous Integrated System of Care (CCISC), a system for developing organisations to better support people with co-occurring needs (AOD, MH and more).


Patrick will discuss the findings and recommendations of that pilot, particularly for the purpose of explaining what the CCISC is and how relevant it is in the Victorian context (spoiler alert: very relevant!). Patrick will focus particularly on developing the audience’s understanding of the CCISC, digging deeper into a few aspects to develop a real sense of the system, as well as outlining how it could be further developed and rolled out in Victoria.

This webinar will provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Learn what the CCISC is and how its application can be transformative for organisations aiming to excel in caring for people with co-occurring needs (AOD, MH and more)
  • Recognise that most organisations are already doing co-occurring care and celebrate their successes and strengths.
  • Delve more deeply into a few aspects of the CCISC for participants to gain a real sense of what it is about and how helpful it might be to their organisations.
  • Explain what use is currently being made of the CCISC and what its future might be in

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About the presenter

Patrick Lawrence was born into a musical family and had a first career as a classical pianist. Over many years, at first as a volunteer, Patrick transitioned to the for-purpose sector. He held a number of roles at First Step before moving to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre which culminated in his role as the Director of Humanitarian Services and periods as acting CEO. Patrick has been the CEO of First Step since 2016 where he works with a world-class multi-disciplinary team that supports people with co-occurring needs