Hospitality cultures study


In partnership with Chisholm Institute and researchers at Monash University, we surveyed and interviewed hospitality students and staff to inform the development and delivery of a co-designed and animated multimedia campaign. The campaign addresses cultures of risky drinking among male hospitality students and hospitality staff that mentor them in workplace settings. In so doing, the project aimed to cultivate skills, workplace settings and norms that facilitate low risk-drinking, alternative post-work practices and care.


Project team

Turning Point team

Dr Michael Savic, Dr Tina Lam, Peta StragalinosDr James Wilson, Professor Dan Lubman, and Associate Professor Suzi Nielsen.

Project partners

Isobel Knowles, Associate Professor Steven Roberts (Monash University), Dr Brady Robards (Monash University),  Carmel Cammarano (Chisholm Institute), Dr Ben Allitt (Chisholm Institute), Dr Fahad Hanna (Chisholm Institute)

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