World Social Work Day

15 Mar 2022

On World Social Work Day, March 15, 2022, we celebrate the vital work of social workers in the Australian community and globally.


The theme for World Social Work Day in 2022 is ‘Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind’. Sally Thomas, a Senior Social Worker working at Turning Point for five years, and Cassie Repanis, a Grade 1 Social Worker at Turning Point, explain what this year’s theme means to them.

Sally Thomas: “In a time of worldwide uncertainly, eco-social inclusion is designed to engage all people from all cultures, bringing together common world values and experiences to enhance the future together.”

Cassie Repanis: “‘Leaving No One Behind’ makes me think of why I chose to do a Master of Social Work in the first place. Life doesn’t always go to plan – people from all walks of life can be completely left behind by any set of circumstances – and when these things go wrong, people have a tendency to isolate themselves from the very community that is necessary to help them heal.

Social workers can be that driving force, a non-judgemental friendly face to help people move through life in a meaningful way. Social work recognises and appreciates the growth of deeper connections for individuals, and opens doors for people to re-engage not just with themselves, but with the broader community.

Being a new social worker myself, I have never felt left behind and I know if I did, I would have a great team to support me through it. And that makes me proud to be a social worker.” 

Turning Point would like to acknowledge the work that social workers play in supporting and advocating for people living with addiction.