Who we are


Prof Dan Lubman
Director, Turning Point
Chair of Addiction Studies and Services, Monash University

Anthony Denham
Program Director, Statewide Services, Eastern Health

Anne Birrell
PA to Directorate
P: (03) 8413 8400
F: (03) 9416 3420
E: anne.birrell@turningpoint.org.au

Research and Education

Dr Kieran Connolly
Associate Program Director, Turning Point

Dr Victoria Manning
Strategic Lead, Clinical Research Team, Turning Point
Senior Research Fellow, Monash University

Dr Michael Savic
Research Fellow, Monash University

Dr Jasmin Grigg
Research Fellow, Monash University

Dr Debbie Scott
Senior Research Fellow, Monash University
Strategic Lead of Population Health Research, Turning Point.

Sharon Matthews
Manager, Population Health

Dr Cherie Heilbronn
Research Fellow, Turning Point 

Dr Rowan Ogeil
Research Fellow, Eastern Health Clinical School, Monash University, and Turning Point, Eastern Health

Dr Katrina Witt
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Post-Doctoral Fellow, Population Health Research Team

Dr Joshua Garfield
Research Fellow, Monash University

Jessica Killian
Research Fellow, Turning Point

Rose Crossin
Population Health researcher, Turning Point

Dr Naomi Crafti
Strategic Lead, Workforce Development, Turning Point 
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Monash University

Treatment Services

Dr Matthew Frei
Clinical Director, Turning Point

Dr Keri Alexander
Director of Addiction Training, Turning Point

Dr Shalini Arunogiri
Clinical Lead, Turning Point 
Senior Lecturer, Monash University 

Jonathan Tyler
Manager, Specialist Clinical Services, Turning Point

Rick Loos
Manager, Turning Point Telephone and Online Services, Turning Point

Teddy Sikhali
Manager, Eastern Treatment Services, Turning Point

Orson Rapose
Systems Manager

External Affairs and Policy

Christian Smyth
Special Adviser, Turning Point 
Manager, External Stakeholder Relations, Monash University