Working in Partnership

Turning Point is fortunate to be able to work with many of Australia’s leading organisations, clinical teams and researchers. As part of Eastern Health, one of Victoria’s largest healthcare networks, we not only operate at the highest level of clinical governance and excellence, but we understand the challenges and are able to influence the health system from within.

Our strong affiliation with Monash University, one of Australia’s most prestigious academic institutions, ensures our research and education is truly world class, and we are able to work with and attract the brightest minds. Our partnerships with government, at the local, state and national level helps us deliver key services and initiatives across the nation, as well as allowing us to shape policy thinking.

Allowing us to shape policy thinking.

Most importantly, our multiple partnerships with health services, universities, social organisations and consumer groups means that we are at the forefront of understanding what the current challenges are, and where the latest ideas and innovations are heading. This ensures we can direct new insights and approaches back to those who need it most, the people on the front line. 

We understand that there are multiple challenges to address in the addiction field. However, by working together, we believe that change is not only possible, but close at hand.

Our Partners

Please refer to our annual report for a full list of our partners.