What we do

At Turning Point, we continue to evolve our understanding of how to improve society’s responses to addiction. For us, issues of stigma, significant delays in help-seeking, knowledge gaps across the health workforce, a fragmented service system, and a siloed response to addiction are key areas that must see improvement.

As Australia’s leading addiction treatment, education and research centre, we understand that we have a key role in transforming the way society provides treatment, specialist care and support for those affected by addiction.

That is why we are committed to driving an integrated program of clinical engagement, innovative research and knowledge translation through:

  • Increasing access to early support and treatment across Australia through the use of innovative technologies
  • Developing and delivering high quality evidence-based practice
  • Providing guidance and expert advice to healthcare professionals nationally and internationally 
  • Delivering workforce and community education programs to a broad range of populations
  • Leading transformational policy and practice relevant research and delivering key state and national population level data and insights
  • Providing timely policy advice to state and federal governments as well as expert community comment to mobilise change in society’s response to addiction.