What we do


Turning Point is a national addiction treatment centre, dedicated to providing high quality, evidence-based treatment to people adversely affected by alcohol, drugs and gambling, integrated with world-leading research and education.

Whether it's education, treatment or research, Turning Point staff are regularly sought after for their expert perspective, by those within the sector, in government, in media and the broader community.


Turning Point is the lead agency for the two consortia of alcohol and drug service providers across the Eastern metropolitan region of Melbourne who have formed a partnership under the banner of the Eastern Consortium of Alcohol and Drug Services (ECADS).

Turning Point provides specialist treatment and support services to people affected by drugs including heroin, alcohol, amphetamines and cannabis.

Our clinicians strive to provide outstanding care to their clients, who include young people, pregnant women, polydrug users or people with mental health diagnoses.

We strive to promote and maximise the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities living with, and affected by alcohol and other drug-related harms.


In education, Turning Point offers courses for those within the health sector to build on their skills, along with providing education support in schools and across the general community. We deliver:

We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and an accredited Higher Education Provider.


Turning Point is committed to finding solutions to complex addiction issues by conducting evidence-based research. We aspire to be a world leading treatment and research centre in the drug and alcohol field by:

  • Creating thriving service delivery, research and development cultures that produce the best possible knowledge
  • Applying research to promote change and contribute to policy making
  • Building our community capacity through strategic relationships, partnerships and collaborations.

The organisation integrates activities across a diverse range of specialist knowledge and professional practice, which enables us to translate evidence based research into action.

Global network

We are part of the International Network of Drug Dependence Treatment and Rehabilitation Resource Centres for the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC), and a member of Harm Reduction International.


Turning Point was established in 1994 to provide leadership to the drug and alcohol field.

Turning Point amalgamated with public health provider, Eastern Health in 2009 and is formally affiliated with Monash University.

Annual review

Our annual review looks back on some of the outstanding work the dedicated Turning Point team has done over the past year.

Download the 2019 annual review (3.5MB PDF)

Previous years

Strategic directions 2016-2021

Our new role, vision and mission statements

As part of the launch of our Strategic Directions 2016-21, Turning Point revised our statements on why, what and how we do what we do.

Role statement

Turning Point is dedicated to providing high-quality evidence-based treatment to people affected by alcohol, drugs and gambling, integrated with world-leading research and education in addictive behaviour.


Why we do what we do

Great health and wellbeing of those adversely affected by addictive behaviours and related problems.


What we do

Turning Point reduces the harms caused by alcohol, other drugs and gambling, and promotes recovery through integrated activity that:

  • Increases access to support and evidence-based practice through the use of innovative technologies
  • Delivers high quality evidence-based practice
  • Supports healthcare professionals nationally and internationally to provide high-quality evidence-based practice
  • Delivers workforce and community education programs to a broad range of populations
  • Undertakes policy and practice relevant research and provides key national population level data
  • Provides policy advice to state and federal governments as well as expert comment.

Strategic priorities

How we are going to do it

  1. Build integrated, innovative and evidence-based treatment and recovery-oriented services by ensuring all clients receive integrated, high-quality, evidence-based treatment
  2. Strengthen Turning Point’s position as a national addiction treatment centre by consolidating the relationship with Monash University and enhancing relationships with the AOD sector, governments and communities
  3. Generate evidence that drives policy and practice, in partnership with Monash University and other academic partners
  4. Position Turning Point for growth and sustainability through consolidating the fundamentals of Turning Point’s business.