Last chance to watch Addicted Australia as it airs – final episode tonight on SBS (8.30pm AEDT)

1 Dec 2020

Tonight is the final episode of Addicted Australia, drawing to a close some of the most compelling television of 2020. But the campaign to Rethink Addiction is not over and we still need your help.

rethink addiction

The final episode concludes what has been an incredibly moving and personal piece of television telling the real story of addiction. Episode four brings closure to some of the participants’ journeys that we have been following over the past 3 weeks. But as is common in addiction recovery, for some participants the journey continues.

That is why it is so important to continue the campaign to Rethink Addiction so that more Australians like the 10 participants feel able to reach out for help.

How you can help:

  • Promote the series and the campaign among your network, family and friends by following and sharing the campaign on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Follow the Rethink Addiction campaign and sign the petition for change.
  • Tell your Real Story of Addiction: Share a story about how addiction has touched your life or your work.

If you missed any episodes of Addicted Australia you can watch it on SBS OnDemand here. Together we can Rethink Addiction!